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Welcome to New Zealand our Korean Friends

Welcome to New Zealand Tamheom, where we are dedicated to provide everything New Zealand has to offer to our Korean friends. New Zealand is quickly becoming a favourite destination for travellers from South Korea and in 2017 alone; there were over 83,000 Koreans who visited. It has quickly come apparent that Koreans a falling in love with the charm that New Zealand has to offer, among those are young families looking for a memorable holiday and mature aged visitors looking to enjoy the fine food, wine and incredible scenery on offer.

As part of the 2018 New Zealand census, there were 36,000 Koreans in the country and making them the third largest Asian population in New Zealand. The relationship between the two countries date back to the Korean War in 1950-1953; 6,000 New Zealanders served and 45 lost their lives. South Korea remains an important part of the New Zealand economy being the eighth largest trading partner with cooperation in many industry sectors.

With such a close collaboration, NZ has seen an influx in Korean students looking to get world class education in New Zealand with over half attending private tertiary institution and the remaining in primary and secondary schooling. A bonus being an international student in New Zealand is the ability to work while studying with those on a Student Visa able to work a maximum of twenty hours during the term and full time during term holidays. Those who are studying a Masters or PhD have the ability to work all throughout the year on a full time basis.

So to all Koreans in NZ, we welcome you and are here to bring you all the best New Zealand has to offer.